Accessibility in the Arts

What can I do as a producer to make my event more accessible?

Good question! There are a multitude of resources around to help us ensure accessibility to our events is adequate for all. Here are a few of them:

Demystifying Access: a resource pack for the performing arts by We Are Unlimited. This is Accessibility 101, essential reading for any artist, producer, promoter, venue and/or local government striving for accessible performing arts. Which should be all of us, right?!
Go straight to the PDF download here.

Accessible Arts Facebook Group
An informal network of artists, producers, venues and other people interested accessible arts. This is a place to share information and ask questions from industry peers about how to make arts more accessible

Arts Access Australia (AAA)
The national peak body for arts and disability. Check their website for news, connections and information about Australian arts and disability sector.
AAA also has a Facebook page.

If you have any further resources, especially Perth, Western Australia or Australia specific please get in touch so I can add them here:

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