Don’t Stay In This Winter: Revelation Film Festival 2018

Revelation Film Festival 2018

Our top picks

From the Revelation Film Festival 2018 program:

1. Hobbyhorse Revolution

A Finnish film about the little-known competitive sport of hobbyhorse riding? Say no more, we are 100% sold on this one!

“Winners or losers, this wonderfully warm documentary follows some of Finland’s finest hobbyhorse riders and enthusiasts, mostly young girls, as they talk of their dreams, challenges and triumphs in just being themselves. Ultimately Hobbyhorse Revolution is about individuality, authenticity and innocence, and in that it’s really very lovely” – Revelation Film Festival

Hobbyhorse Revolution film still landscape
Hobbyhorse Revolution


2. Puzzle

We’re absolute suckers for Kelly Macdonald here at Danger Cabaret. Has she ever played a role badly? The Scottish actress first came to our attention in 1996 as Diane in Trainspotting, and followed it up with a spectacular turn as a prostitute in the title role of Stella Does Tricks. Incredible! This brand new piece of cinematic glory combines her impeccable acting skills and another one of our loves: puzzles. Seriously, if you can find us an acting role she has done poorly please do let us know in the comments below.

Puzzle toes a tough line, managing to stay relentlessly good-hearted and deeply humane, even as Agnes herself plunges into deeper, more dramatic waters. It’s the kind of mid-life crisis story that so rarely centers on a woman and Macdonald shines in the role, riveting even in the quietest of moments.” – IndieWire 

Puzzle at Revelation Film Festival Stella Macdonald landscape image


3. McQueen

A documentary giving us insight into the life of the greatest couture fashion designer that ever lived. If you have eyes that like to be pleased, teased and shocked, and let’s face it you’re on our blog so you probably do, do not miss his powerful, bizarre, luxurious, dark, extreme, captivating designs on the big screen!

“…a fascinating, intimate portrait of the designer. Combining archive material taken from throughout McQueen’s career with interviews with friends, family, colleagues, and industry professionals, all helping to tell the story of the innovative designer. McQueen is essential viewing.” – Revelation Film Festival

McQueen Revelation Film Festival Alexander McQueen documentary still landscape image


4. The Last Detail

A story of humanity, warm 1970’s *real* film footage and Jack Nicholson in a sailor’s hat – this classic drama with a dash of comedy is just the ticket for a cold Perth night.

“Very profane, very funny, very ’70s: Director Hal Ashby lets Jack Nicholson and the cast run loose, creating a unique dramedy that’s far out to sea.” – Rotten Tomatoes



5. You Were Never Really Here

So far we’ve mentioned two absolutely stellar actors, here’s another: Joaquin Phoenix. This film received both the Best Actor and the Best Film awards at Cannes this year, as well as a seven minute standing ovation. You don’t need any more to convince you to see this one, right?

“…a taut and almost unbearably intense 90-minutes, without an ounce of fat on it. [Director Lynne] Ramsay doesn’t give you a second to breathe. It’s grim, it’s dark, it’s delirious fun.” –

You Were Never Really Here Revelation Film Festival Joaquin Phoenix landscape image
You Were Never Really Here

Bonus pick: Free Family Feature Films

Fellow weirdos with small humans rejoice! Revelation bring three of Studio Ghibli’s feature films to the big screen for FREE these school holidays. Prepare your children (and yourselves) for the animated glory of Arrietty, My Neighbor Totoro and Ponyo.

Tickets are limited and at a price like this they won’t be around for long. Head straight to the box office at Luna on SX or Luna Leederville to get your tickets sorted. Bagsie a seat at the front!

My Neighbor Totoro Studio Ghibli
My Neighbor Totoro





Stay tuned to this blog for more in our series of Don’t Stay In winter excitement!

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