El Bizarro FRINGE WORLD 2015

El Bizarro

Presenting El Bizarro FRINGE WORLD 2015

Abandon all tedium! Marvel at the spectacle! Dare to enter our tantalising world!

Wranglers of outstanding talent, Danger Cabaret (WA), bring you a hedonistic carnival experience the like of which Fringe World has never seen. El Bizarro is a glamorous and bizarre collection of international sideshow rarities, human oddities and striptease sensations. Starring Aurora Galore (UK), Russell Bruner (USA), Miss Sina King (VIC), Magnus Danger Magnus (WA), The Astonishing Johnny Domino (WA), Circus Carnis (WA), Vivian Marlowe (WA), Odile Devine (WA) and more.

This is a macabre celebration of excess: freaks, contortion, fire and much more. Danger Cabaret invites you to join the libertines and step over to the dark side into a surreal world of debauchery, indulgence and the sublime.

Wave goodbye to the mundane and leave the ordinary at home; this is El Bizarro and you won’t want to leave!

Danger Cabaret presents…El Bizarro FRINGE WORLD 2015

5 – 7 February 2015 at 10:45 pm
Tickets $30 from fringeworld.com.au
The Pleasure Garden – Big Top