What the critics are saying about Freaks and Fishnets!

Circus Carnis

Here are a few short quotes from Freaks and Fishnets reviews – see what the press had to say about our show at the Dollhouse, North Perth last Sunday night. Click through to read the full articles on the original websites.

“Ninety minutes of a darn good time”

– Sophie Joske @ Out in Perth

“Sexy, funny, a little bit dangerous and a lot delightful. I can’t wait to see what else [Danger Cabaret] have in store for us this year.”

– Rachel @ Skull & Crosstales

And we just have to post the entirety of this particular review:

Fantastic line up
Burlesque, comedy, staplers
These are my people

– Haiku of Perth

Yes, a page dedicated to reviewing Perth culture using our favourite poetic form, haiku. Awesome!

If you’ve seen any Freaks and Fishnets reviews somewhere that we may have missed, please send it our way. And if you didn’t make it to this show, just stay tuned for the next installment!