Circus Carnis

Circus Carnis are masters of the delightful, the disgusting and the deranged. From specialty acts to freak shows, they create all manner of spectacle!


Painproof and tattooed, Circus Carnis perform acts that will shock and amaze. The bed of nails, human blockhead, glass eating, fire breathing, fire eating, balloon swallowing, the straight jacket escape, staple gun fights, human suspension, play piercing, pierced weight-lifting, car battery electrocution and many more incredible feats ranging from traditional circus sideshow to extreme and fetish acts. Must be seen to be believed! Acts to entertain everyone from an Archbishop to a hard core nightclub crowd.

Circus Carnis cheek play piercing. Photo by Dan Zeplin
Circus Carnis live flesh piercing. Photo by Dan Zeplin


Performing for over a decade, Circus Carnis are regulars on the Fringe festival circuit as well as stunning audiences for clients such as the Leederville Hotel, Voodoo Lounge Northbridge, Retro Rocket Events, ArtRAGE, Independent Events, Crown Perth, The Bakery and Deville’s Pad. Recent highlights include Anglicare’s Op Shop Ball, The Great Beer and Cider Fair, the Voodoo Lounge’s Fetish Ball and Adventure World’s Halloween Fright Nights.



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