Vivian Marlowe

Vivian Marlowe is the real deal. A burlesque dancer with bona fide star quality.

Vivian Marlowe, burlesque dancer.
Vivian Marlowe.

This gal has hauled her sweet, petite little self all across the whole damn world displaying her reckless and contagious repertoires! Whether she’s got you in stitches from her hilarious comedy routines or howling for more with her unique classic style, Vivian has shown the Perth Burlesque scene over the last 6 years that BIG things come in little red headed packages.


Vivian Marlowe. Photo by Aimee Chappell.
Photo by Aimee Chappell.

Selected performance highlights include a Japanese Go-Go Tour, The 11th Annual Fetish Ball, Deville’s Pad, El Bizarro at FRINGE WORLD, and music video appearances for bands such as The High Learys and Moana.


Vivian Marlowe. Photo by David Woolley.
Photo by David Woolley.