El Bizarro

Abandon all tedium! Marvel at the spectacle!

Sit tight and ride on the white-knuckle sideshow of EL BIZARRO!

El Bizarro: Glamour! Danger! Freaks! 2018

So what exactly is El Bizarro?


“Fringe at its finest, deliciously offensive in the most delightful of ways”

Xpress Magazine

It’s the all-out, sold-out, balls-to-the-wall spectacle that’s had audiences fainting, escaping and occasionally vomiting.

What makes El Bizarro different to other shows?

No quarter given to the mild, no seatbelts provided and no refunds without ridicule. Experience the world’s most glamourous daredevils and weirdos, procured at great expense for your viewing pleasure.


“A must-see, provided you have the mettle.”

Gutter Culture

El Bizarro is a theatrical circus and cabaret variety show featuring a revolving cast of hand-picked international and Australian performers, hosted by Magnus Danger Magnus.

“Expect to laugh, cheer and have your jaw plummet. A no-holds-barred circus spectacular”

The West Australian

Experience our tantalising and bizarre collection of international sideshow rarities, human oddities and glamourous superstars of burlesque. This is a macabre celebration of excess – fire, freaks and much more…

Danger! Glamour! Freaks!

El Bizarro‘s 2018 season starred a rotating cast of Karl Kayoss (Mr Boylesque Australia), Vivian Marlowe, Jacqueline Furey, Vesper White, Circus Carnis, Damien Kenny and Bernie Dieter. Hosted, as ever, by Magnus Danger Magnus.

In 2017 El Bizarro featured Circus Carnis, Vivian Marlowe, Missa Blue, Zitta Zurbaghan, Fox Chase, and Hana Priest. Hosted with dark exuberance by Magnus Danger Magnus.

2016’s seasons at Perth’s FRINGE WORLD and the Adelaide Fringe Festival featured Queen of Swords Elle Diablo (VIC), fire-breather Missa Blue (UK/GER), vintage styled burlesque dancer Vivian Marlowe (WA), adagio stripteaser Agatha Frisky (CAN), experts in pain art Circus Carnis (WA), master of juggling and acrobatics David Eriksson (SWE), and vaudeville raconteur Russell Bruner (USA).

Other past El Bizarro performers have included fire performer Aurora Galore (UK), glamourous burlesque dancer Sina King (VIC), and strongman Johnny Domino (WA).

What the critics are saying…

“You have to see it to believe it”

Rotunda Media

“Hands down one of the best you will see at Fringe World”

The Perth Project

“The perfect mix of glamour and the bizarre”

Skull & Crosstales

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