Rock N Roll Karaoke

Got the week night blues? Chase them away with Danger Cabaret’s Rock N Roll Karaoke…


• Your host with the most, Magnus Danger Magnus!
7000+ songs to choose from on our custom Karaoketron!
• Free entry and free to sing, all night!

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This is not your average karaoke night

We have 7000+ tunes on the Karaoketron and we’re not afraid to use them. From AC/DC and Aerosmith, Blondie and Bad Religion through to The Zombies and ZZ Top, there is something on our list for you.

Karaoke virgins are always welcome!

Our Song Lists

You can view our current song lists as PDFs. They are available in folders on the night! We are currently working on an easily searchable digital edition.

Your Song Suggestions

Use this form to request new songsYou can also become a member of the Rock N Roll Karaoke Facebook group to join in with the discussion, inspiration and any last-minute news.